Thank you for being a present witness for this uncanny journey of initiations, healing, growth, love, curiosity, adventure, patience and wisdom.  I have so much more to learn, but I will be forever grateful for having you as my guide and the teacher that the universe chose for me.  Because of you, my heart is more open; my soul is fuller;  my family is safer; my boundaries are more clear; my adventure is just beginning.

                                                                               - Jen V., shamanic mentoring

These last few months have been challenging, but not nearly as challenging as they would have been without the many hours passed in your office.  With your kindness, generosity, and immensely patient, loving spirit, I have come to recognize the nature (and necessity) of my soul's journey.  As a result of our work together, I am deeply in tune with my identity as a woman and a seeker.  Thank you for shining this light and guiding me graciously through this pivotal and profound time in my life.

                                                                              - Katie M., therapy

Dearest extremely special supportive mentor of the light for me ... I have done so many wonderful rituals throughout my life, but never with more support than I have ever felt before.  Thank you for all of your experience and everything you bring with you!  Every day now I wake up and see that it's another day that I have been born to be me. I am also learning to sleep again -- it is unbelievable to spend the whole night in bed, hasn't happened in years.  My physical therapist has been around for 30 years and knows of your fantastic reputation and results-oriented work.  She said she could feel a shift in my energy and where it was in my body ... it's more in the middle because I'm not sharing it anymore!

                                                                -Linda H., compassionate soul release 

Thank you so very much for helping guide me on my journey!  I have greatly appreciated our sessions.  You have taught me lessons from within myself I was unable to grasp alone.  I feel as though I have reached the moment in my life where I am ready to blossom out of my cocoon and show the world my beautiful transformation.  I could never have reached this state without your help and guidance.  You are such a kind spirit; I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

                                                                         - Holly F., therapy

 I wanted to sent a note now that a few weeks have passed since  the journeying and let you know about some of the  emotional movement and strength I have experienced, along with my  confidence slowly returning to a livable level.  It's  difficult for me to put into words how serendipitous this journey was  for me and how it came to me at the perfect time. What you did for me helped me see how much support I really have within myself.  This connection is amazing and I  am grateful to have found what I lost, as I had been drowning in  emotional darkness.  What we did was perfect  for this season's transition and the spiritual cleanse and reconnection I needed.

                                                                            - Tia G., shamanic healing 

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