Women's Shamanic retreats

Dates not set for 2020 -- book your special event now!

Join Shaun for an intimate, soulful gathering at the location of your choice for your group or women's circle.  Whether you are an accomplished shamanic journeyer or a first-timer, these weekends (and longer retreats) promise a deeply experiential foray into the landscape of the Soul.  With drumming, art, song, guided visioning and more, women will discover and nurture their own authentic nature ... that part of us which is fed and restored by the natural world ... that part of us which sustains and heals our world. 

Shaun's retreats are moving, inspiring, soulful and FUN!    I feel more courageous because of the safety and invitation she extends.  Now I know what she means by "sacred play" -- and I want more!   

                                  - Julia M.

Shaun is calm and confident, thorough, and has a welcoming presence and spirit.  She gives great information in digestible chunks.  She brought a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share her gifts, offering flexibility in meeting the needs of each group member.  She is an expert in her field.

                             - Stephanie M.

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Filling out the retreat inquiry form below is the first step to creating your own personalized retreat experience.  You will have to download, complete, and return either an electronic or printed copy of your completed form (it won't happen via the website).   Please contact Shaun if you have further questions.


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