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Shaun Phoenix, MS, LCPC, has been a licensed clinical professional counselor for more than twenty years.  She comes to her knowledge both through traditional models, including graduate study in mental health counseling and professional licensure in Montana, as well as the rich continuing education found in "the Cathedral of the Forest."  She has been a shamanic healing practitioner for more than twenty years as well.

With a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and her clinical professional counselor's license, Shaun brings training, skills, professionalism and ethics to all her work.  She is a preferred provider for many health insurance programs.

Born in England and raised in a suburb of Washington, DC, Shaun has always embraced life's journey in its diversity of forms.  The Gallatin Valley has been her home her entire adult life.  In addition to her healing practice, she is a musician, artist, dancer, writer and parent of an adult daughter.

Her philosophy of healing and wellness is one and the same -- we all arrive here whole, perfect, merged with the divine truth of who we are.  Through exposure to the toxicity and woundedness of modern culture, that sense of wholeness is slowly or abruptly submerged.  Our work, our life task, is therefore not to heal anything that's broken, but to remember the truth of who we are.  We dis-cover this through regular spiritual practice, through deep listening and engagement with our bodies, and through noticing and trusting the zing of truth that comes in moments of transcendence.

"Carpe Haliaeetus" ("seize the eagle")
Shaun volunteering at the
Montana Raptor Conservation Center

The Earth is our home.  She loves us.  We belong here.  Remember...

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